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All crates are custom built on location.  

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Custom Built Crates

Oklahoma Crating has the experience and expertise to properly package and crate your valuables for the assurance that your items will arrive in a safely and intact.  For over 10 years Oklahoma Crating (part of Third Party Crating) has been serving Tulsa and North Eastern Oklahoma as the perfect solution for custom crating solutions.  We have provided superior packaging and shipping services to many businesses and individuals needing the assurance that their items make it to their destination.  Over the years we have worked with many different industries including art, antique, automotive, entertainment, manufacturing, trade shows.

Packaging, Crating and Shipping Experts

Oklahoma Crating is also experienced and very knowledgeable about international rules and regulations for shipping.  We have years of experience in building proper wooden crates and shipping containers. We give our packaging, crating and shipping clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing their precious items are handled by the best wooden crate service provider in the industry.

Expert Built Custom Crates.

Safely Crate, Pack, and Ship Your Valuables.


At Oklahoma Crating we understand the value of your shipment.  With over 10 years’ experience, we are experts in crating and shipping all kinds of equipment.  We are proud to be the premiere shipping solution provider for all of Northeastern Oklahoma.


Sometimes your shipment does not require a fully enclosed wood box.  We also offer a cost-effective alternative of an open-sided crate. This style of packaging looks like a cage around your items.


We are North Eastern Oklahoma’s pallet/skid experts, with over 10 years’ experience custom designing and building highly engineered pallets.  Whether you have one item or a large volume, you can count on Oklahoma Crating.

All Crates are built on Location.

Best prices anywhere in Oklahoma.

All Custom Crating is Built On-Site and Ready for Shipping

We understand that sometimes shipping delicate or odd shaped items can seem difficult but with our years of experience, we design and build a custom shipping solution for your items specific needs at your place of business.

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