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Do you need a Custom Crating Service?

Do you need a Custom Crating Service?

Professional packing services can easily prove to be a great answer to your house moving needs. In reality, if you can afford to hire experienced packers from a top-rated moving company, you will end up with not one but several custom solutions during the crazy busy and transitional period of moving from one home to another.

Professional packers will not only pack up your items quickly and safely, but they can also, whenever needed, give you valuable assistance in protecting and transporting all kinds of very special items that you may own. And regardless of whether those specialty items of yours happen to be extremely expensive or exceedingly precious from a sentimental point of view, most reputable moving companies will be able to offer you custom crating services that will virtually guarantee that your unique items of high value arrive 100% safe to your new home.

The main question to answer here seems to be whether or not you really need professional crating services because, as you can imagine, custom crate prices are, at least in most case, rather high. So, is on-site custom crating something you should seriously consider when moving house, or are any crating services tailored to your individual needs something you can easily do without?

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Should I use custom crating services?
In the majority of relocation cases, the standard packing services that professional movers offer will be enough for the protection of most household items. As soon as you know that you won’t manage to pack up your things by yourself, for whatever reason – lack of sufficient time, packing inexperience, impossibility to summon up enough friendly manpower, presence of heavy and large furniture or household appliances, etc., then it’s time to see how much a moving company will charge you for packing up your things.

After you’ve decided that professional packing services are the way to go, qualified packers will arrive at your home armed with years of packing experience and all the packing supplies they will ever need. Even if you own specialty items that still fall into the standard category – a piano, a pool table, a hot tub, a gun safe, enormous pieces of furniture both in size and weight and so on, they won’t usually need to be placed in custom-built crates for extra protection. Which, of course, should be nothing but good news for your budget as it is.

However, do consider on-site crating if you’re moving any of the following exceptionally expensive or exceptionally valuable possessions:

Priceless artwork such as paintings, sculptures, and so on;
Expensive items made of glass, marble or other highly breakable material;
Antique furniture, including mirrors;
Precious chandeliers;
Collectors’ items that can be worth a fortune;
Wine bottles from a high-priced collection;
Electronic equipment that is too sensitive and too expensive to be packed up the standard way;
A motorcycle that is too valuable to be transported any other way.
Even if you do own items that are much more special than the rest of your possessions, sometimes you may find it hard to decide whether you will need custom crating solutions or not. In such cases, it’s important to hear what the experts from a reputable custom crating company think about your case.

How does custom crating work?
Read on to learn how on-site crating works and what steps you are expected to follow in order to take advantage of the best packing and crating services near you.

  • First and foremost, you need to get in touch with a custom crating company for an in-house assessment of the high-value items that you wish to be transported safely into custom wooden crates. The easiest way to make that initial contract is to fill out the quote form at the top of the page and then let top-rated providers of custom crate services get back to you. Another way to go is to use Google Search to find custom crate builders near you but that individual approach will take more of your time.
  • An on-site survey of your uniquely valuable items is a must – proper evaluation of your packing and crating solutions is just impossible to be performed over the phone or through e-mail. In the majority of cases, the professional opinion of a moving company that offers custom crating as part of their quality services will help you decide what’s best for your possessions of extreme monetary or sentimental value.
  • After the successful evaluation, you will receive a price quote for the custom crate services you wish to hire. As a general rule, you shouldn’t agree to the very first and only offer you get – instead, request crating services quotes from at least three professional movers so that you have a solid basis for comparison of the various custom crate prices and conditions.
  • Keep in mind that the wood crates for safe shipping are always custom-built – meaning that skilled carpenters will arrive in your home after you’ve negotiated the details of the extra service and will build a wooden crate to fit the size of whatever item or items will need to be protected.
  • The moving expert will measure up carefully the dimensions of your valuables and will begin work on the wooden shipping crates. For your information, the work is often much more complex than it sounds: besides the two layers of protection – the soft protective shell that goes around the object itself (custom packaging, including lots of bubble wrap) and the hard protective shell that is basically the hardwood walls of the custom crate, the high-value item will also have to be perfectly immobilized inside the crate or box. This immobilization is crucial to the success of the entire relocation operation – the expert job is often completed with the help of specialized blocking, fixing and bracing elements.
  • How much does custom crating cost? Custom crate prices can vary widely from a professional mover to professional mover, but what you should keep in mind is that, in general, custom crating services are rather expensive. Add specialized labor to the cost of sturdy custom-built crates and it’s easy to understand why that extra service is so pricey. In most cases, crating rates are determined by the size of the crate that will need to be constructed around the special item and the level of difficulty in regard to protecting and securing that specialty item. In the best case scenario, expect to pay around $70-$80 per crate but the price for custom wood crates for shipping can be much higher depending on a number of factors.The high prices of custom crate services are often well worth the investment as the cost of having to replace or repair a very special item will be much higher. Besides, some possessions are priceless and cannot be replaced no matter how much money you have. As a bonus, you can keep the custom reusable crates for later use when it’s time for you to move house once more.

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A Few New Crates

A Few New Crates

We just finished a few new crates.  We are always coming up with shipping solutions for our customers to insure that your valuable arrive properly protected.  Give us a call today at (918)402-5206 and we can discuss various options to get your items to their destination in one piece.

Reason to Hire a Crating Expert

Reason to Hire a Crating Expert

Here is a video showing just how rough package handlers can be with your valuable items that are in transit.  If you are planning on shipping something and want it properly protected, give us a call at (918)402-5206 and we can discuss various options to get your items to their destination in one piece.